Be prepared for the darker nights

As the mornings and evenings are getting darker we’re receiving an increasing number of reactive call outs for car parks and external lighting.


Park Mark recognises that increased light levels in dark areas can reduce the fear of crime and the opportunity to commit offences, creating a better experience for your staff and customers.  Your CCTV systems also require high levels of lighting to work effectively and to enable the Police to accurately identify individuals and be prosecuted in court.

Would you like to park here at night?


So, don’t leave it until the clocks change to realise that your lighting is not sufficient to keep your staff, customers and premises safe.

Do your time clocks need changing or converting to Smart technology?  Could you benefit from daylight harvesting or motion sensors – creating light as required and saving you money.

Our team of lighting and electrical specialists are here to support you.  Our bulk relamps will replace all your failed lamps or why not enquire about our energy saving LED lighting upgrades – typically cost neutral with an impressive payback period.


Call us today on 01920 872287 or email to see how we can support you.

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