Get your estate ready for the Christmas rush

November 6, 2018

Lighting plays an important part to the look and feel of your brand and helps you stand out in the crowd.


Ask yourself what impression your customers and staff would have if they saw:

  • High number of lamps failed causing inconsistent light levels
  • Key products not highlighted
  • Failed window lights
  • Different colour temperatures as lamps reach end of life
  • Dirty and Damaged luminaires
  • Poorly signalled Emergency exits


Would customers come in or keep on walking?     


Trust Weblight to support you.  Weblight has been partnering organisations with large multi-site estates to provide bespoke lighting and electrical solutions for 25 years.  Our specialist support solutions include:

  • Lighting and Electrical Maintenance
  • Compliance Testing – including Emergency Light testing, Fixed Wire Electrical Inspection and Testing, Fire Alarm Testing and Voltage Optimisation Testing
  • LED Lighting Upgrades and Intelligent Lighting Controls. We also provide Bulk Relamping Routine Maintenance for those clients who have not yet made the move to full LED Lighting Upgrades.


We work in partnership with our customers to create bespoke solutions that meet their business needs and objectives. Our flexible approach and experience ensures we can quickly adapt and evolve the solution as the customers requirements change. Our Contract Managers and nationwide network of engineers become experts in your estate, work together to provide rapid solutions and ensure projects are delivered.

Customers tell us our real skill is providing them with full control of their estate, peace of mind and time to do their ‘day jobs’. This is why our customers stay with us.


Call Weblight today on 01920 872287 to see how we can support you to ensure your January Sales do not ending up looking like a Jumble Sale.

Improve your lighting and save money by upgrading to LED lighting


If your lighting is over 5 years old you could be surprised how cost effective upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting can be.   Modern LED lighting technology can generate savings up to 80% of your lighting energy bills due to the reduced energy usage and having light only when you need it.

Our bespoke LED Lighting options and Lighting Control solutions are optimised around your business need and can generate payback periods of less than 2 years.  Give our technical team a call on 01920 872287 or email for a free survey to identify how much energy you could save.