What good is an LED manufacturers guarantee if it doesn’t cover the labour costs?

June 15, 2017

What good is an LED manufacturers guarantee if it doesn’t cover the labour costs to actually come and replace the failed luminaires?


Most manufacturers’ warranties just cover the luminaire, providing the customer with a new luminaire when the product fails within the specified time, but not the labour costs to identify the fault and then replace the luminaire with a new product (which often takes 2 site visits).


This can leave the customer with a lot of expense and uncertainty when a luminaire does fail.  Who do they call? Why should they incur costs with their maintenance contractors? What happens when another luminaire fails?


Weblight has a unique solution.


We have partnered with leading LED manufacturers and provide a full 5 year warranty covering parts and labour for any LED lighting solution that we install.


Our Projects Division have extensive experience managing lighting upgrade programmes for national retail estates and large single sites.  We work with your project managers to streamline the process, we can provide a full turnkey solution if preferred.


We have special relationships with leading lighting manufacturers that enable us to identify the optimum lighting solution, at competitive prices, that meet your business needs.  We provide our customers with total peace of mind when they choose Weblight to manage their LED lighting upgrades.


Contact us on 01920876093 or info@weblight.co.uk to discuss our LED lighting upgrades in more detail