Upgrading to LED Lighting makes a visible difference

May 2, 2018

Weblight are working with a leading nationwide pub chain to upgrade their back of house areas to energy efficient LED lighting, saving the organisation thousands of pounds per year.

The Brief:

This customer manages a chain of 1,500 pubs across the UK.  They had strong targets to save money by reducing their energy consumption and improve the working environment for their staff


The Weblight Solution:

Weblight worked with the Facilities Team to identify a quality LED luminaire that was suitable for the hot and humid conditions found in the kitchens, cellars and HVAC rooms.   The project was based on a point-for-point replacement with all the waste removed and recycled to WEEE standards.


Our turnkey LED Lighting solution incorporates:

  • Improved quality lighting – creating a better working environment
  • A quality LED solution that meets their tight payback requirements
  • A programme of installation that incorporates 920 sites across England
  • Conversions completed without disrupting trade



The Chef on duty said:

“The new lights have made a real difference.  They’re a lot brighter, which when you are working in the kitchen is really important”.


Contact Weblight on 01920 876003 or info@weblight.co.uk to discuss how we can upgrade your organisation to energy efficient LED Lighting