Weblight’s STARs of the Quarter

May 9, 2018

Weblight’s staff recognition scheme, the STAR, is awarded to an Engineer and member of Support staff who have been nominated by a Customer, Manager or Colleague in recognition of their hard work and commitment to ‘Together we achieve’.

We are proud to announce our Engineer and Support STAR of the Quarter has been awarded to Richard Callaghan, Service Engineer and Callum Niblet, IT Assistant.



Weblight have had a busy start to 2018, with nationwide LED upgrade programme at over 1,400 stores for a leading retailer and back of house lighting at 920 pubs across the UK, as well as Compliance Testing and providing a comprehensive range of Lighting & Electrical Maintenance services to our customers.


We want to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for working hard and enabling us to deliver our lighting and electrical services to customers across the UK.


Julie Collins, HR Manager:

“Weblight have a great team of engineers that work hard to meet our customers’ high expectations.  They are reinforced by a Support team that keep everything running, including IT, Procurement, Call Scheduling and Handling, Finance and HR. 


Each quarter we get lots of nominations where our staff have delivered an excellent outcome for our customers.  It makes choosing just 2 winners for the STAR really challenging, but enjoyable!”


Contact us on 01920 872287 or info@weblight.co.uk to discuss opportunities at Weblight or how our excellent engineers can support your lighting and electrical estate.